The Burning House Burger

The Burning House Burger

Why do we call this the burning house burger? When your customers taste something this spicy, all they can think about is finding a way to put it out. This fiery-hot recipe is guaranteed to excite and challenge that dedicated audience of spice enthusiasts.


  • Sauce Craft Cayenne Pepper Sauce - 30 ml
  • Ranch Dressing - 30 ml
  • Pepperoncini, sliced - 8 grams
  • Burger patty, 180g - 1 each
  • Peppered jack, sliced - 1 slice
  • Fries, crisp/hot - 140 grams
  • Bun, toasted - 1 each
  • Pickle jalapenos, sliced - 7 grams
  • Spicy ham, sliced - 7 grams

Cooking calculator

Adjust measurements based on the number of servings


  1. Grill the burger to the desired temp. Top with cheese and allow to melt. Top with both the ham, sliced peppers and drizzle with Sauce Craft Cayenne Pepper Sauce.

  2. Place the burger on the bottom bun. On the top bun spread the ranch and close the burger.

  3. Place the burger on the plate and put the fries on the side.