Pepper Crusted Turkey Burger

Pepper Crusted Turkey Burger

Enticingly juicy and artfully seasoned, these pepper-crusted turkey patties are rich with smoky, savory flavor for a leaner, healthier alternative that’s just as flavourful as any beef burger.


  • LouAna Liquid Butter Alternative - 60 ml
  • Sauce Craft® Cayenne Pepper Sauce - 60 ml
  • French fries - 150 g -
  • Black peppercorn cracked - 2 tbs.
  • Turkey Burger patty, prepared - 180 g -
  • Mozzarella cheese smoked, sliced - 25 g -
  • Caramelized onions - 2 tbs.
  • Salt and pepper mix - As needed
  • Tomatoes, Sliced - 2 Each
  • Bun, brioche, toasted - 1 Each
  • Mayonnaise - 30 ml

Cooking calculator

Adjust measurements based on the number of servings


  1. Put the peppercorns on both sides of the burger and place on the flat top to cook with 1 oz. of LouAna Liquid Butter Alternative until 75°C internally and golden brown on both sides.

  2. Put the 1 oz. of LouAna Liquid Butter Alternative on the grill and toast the bun to a golden brown.

  3. Before pulling off the burger place the caramelized onion on the heel of the bun and put the mozzarella slice on the burger and allow to melt while on the flat top.
  4. On the heel of the bun place the burger on top of the onion and the tomatoes on top of the cheese and spread the mayonnaise on the top bun. Drizzle the Sauce Craft® Cayenne Pepper Sauce over the top of the burger and complete the burger with the top bun.

  5. Place the fries  on the plate with the burger.